Bike Tour

The bike tours organized by the "Via Panoramica" bike corner with us, are the perfect opportunity to get to know the area, get lost in the hills of the hinterland by cycling or explore the magical medieval architecture of the Renaissance countries in our areas.

We offer you the opportunity to participate in guided tours between Marche and Romagna. Pedaling after pedaling you have the opportunity to admire the sea, the mountains, the hilly landscape with your own eyes and taste good food and local wine.

Starting from Gabicce Monte towards Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara, you will pass through villages and glimpses of the sea that make you dream. Continuing we discover the beautiful Castle of Gradara, the capital of the Middle Ages, here we allow ourselves a stop to take beautiful photos and walk immersed in history.

Includes: Bike touring or Ebike rental, guided service, recovery service in case of need, helmet, hydration and tasting stop.

Yoga lessons

Holidays are a special moment, especially to be dedicated to yourself, to recover the balance of mind and body.

A few minutes from Gabicce Mare you can take advantage of the Ahimsa center , designed and dreamed of for all those who have the desire to know the vast and profound world of yoga, through disciplines based on the traditional philosophy of yoga, where union (yoga) means ONE.

Keywords: light, sound, love, joy, wisdom, magnetism, calm and peace.

The Ahimsa center wants to offer you teachings and techniques for the body, mind and soul, but above all the opportunity to experience, that is to practice on yourself. The teachers who will guide you are all qualified and trained at certified yoga academies and schools.

The Ahimsa center offers a beautiful welcoming space for reading and a herbal tea room with inspiring colors, scents and music.

Motorcycle Tour

For motorcycle enthusiasts, it will be possible to sign up for tours organized by Moto Turismo Italia , available any day of the week by booking at least 4 days in advance.

The typical itineraries will accompany guests to visit the most characteristic places of Montefeltro, Val Marecchia and upper Valconca.

The type of route can be chosen by guests according to their type of trip and motorbike, and can be:
1) path formed by secondary asphalted roads;
2) path formed by easy dirt roads with natural ground;
3) mixed route between secondary and white asphalts;

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.